Do you have a Facebook page but you’re not quite sure what to do with it? Have you seen your organic engagement drop and are unsure how to get back to your audience? Do you love those Instagram squares but don’t know where to start with hashtags or using Instagram Stories? Did you think Twitter was dead only to find it suddenly generating leads for you? Do you have Pinterest boards for your bedroom renos but not sure how to utilise for your business? We can help!

Wanderlust Communications has helped many organisations to grow and develop their online strategies and social media channels through ongoing consultancy, strategy creation or in-house training. We can provide you with the tools and training to manage your own social media accounts, or we can work with you to maintain them each and every day.

We believe digital needs to be integrated with your marketing plan –  so we help you create a cohesive and measurable strategy from the start. Content planning and strategy = a successful and engaging social media presence.

Having access to a consultant who you can work with you on a regular basis, can mean the difference between random actions and a social media plan that gets results. We can work with you to develop an engaging and integrated social media strategy, help create content and editorial calendars or even implement your digital strategy by managing your social media sites.

If you want to know more, contact us for case studies and to discuss your needs.

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