Influencer marketing is the new buzz word in communications and it should rightly be a part of your marketing plan. However, this new world can be daunting and the right influencers can be very hard to find.

We are experienced in finding genuine influencers that will be the right fit for your brand. We can help you decide who to partner with and how to get the maximum results from this partnership.

We can help increase your visibility in the media, both on and offline to increase your brand profile and create brand advocates.

Wanderlust Communications can work with your organisation to create a truly engaging and integrated public relations strategy, suggest and create stimulating content and secure good quality coverage where your audience is.

We are very flexible in our work style and are happy to work on individual campaigns or projects if your organisation needs an extra pair of hands. Once a strategy is established, we can also implement your PR strategy on an ongoing consultancy basis if that suits your business.