Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last few years, you’ll know that video is where it’s at for social media marketing.

Not only is video the most engaging medium, but it’s also how people love to digest information on their mobiles. People already spend more time on mobile devices than they do watching TV and Facebook predicts that this year, 79% of the world’s mobile data traffic will be video.

You may have experience in creating video for TV but creating content for social is a different beast. You’re basically creating content specifically for mobile use – so the length, style and creative of the video is very different to that of a TVC.

person looking at you tube on moble

Here are our top 7 tips to optimise your video for mobile.

  1. Engage your audience quickly. Use the first three seconds of your video to entice your viewers with the most compelling, thumb-stopping visual.


  1. Don’t wait to show your product – get your brand or product in front of the view immediately so the viewer knows what to expect.


  1. Keep content short, snappy and visually exciting.


  1. A large percentage of people watch video without sound, so make sure you communicate your story visually so it’s effective with or without sound.


  1. If you do have a script, or a more complicated message, add captions or subtitles.


  1. To the dismay of videographers everywhere, video should be shot vertically for social. This aspect takes up the most real estate in people’s feeds and looks the most impressive.


  1. If you don’t have budget for video, try to create your own animated content using effects, graphics, panning, zooming and slideshows to add an element of movement.

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A day in the life of Danica

We’re continuing with our Day in the Life feature, profiling a typical day for everyone here in the Wanderlust team. This week, it’s our lovely account executive, Danica!

7am – This is usually wake up time, however, some days I’ll snooze and laze around in bed until 7:30ish. I wouldn’t say I’m a morning person, so straight away it involves a coffee and something to eat, which this morning was fruit toast. My mornings are quiet as my partner Josh leaves early for work, so the house is mine from 6am each day, yay! I’ll eat brekky and drink my coffee on the couch while flicking channels on TV or scrolling on my phone.

7:45am – Time to hop in the shower, get changed and get my bags ready (and lunch – which is almost a lie because it’s that rare I bring lunch to the office!) Maybe my morning routine should start to include MAKING something for lunch? We’ll see… probably won’t happen…

8:25am – I’ve just moved to a house in Attadale, so I leave home now to make it to the office in Guildford in time. I’ve never minded driving, as I’ve always had jobs that need me to drive a bit, so I settle in with the radio and off I go.

9am – Arrive at the office. Set up my desk and open my emails to see if I’ve missed anything overnight or if there is anything urgent to reply to or action. Nothing this morning! Time to open my daily checklists, fill up water bottle and get cracking.

9:30am – I start each morning by doing monitoring for each client. Facebook, Instagram, on desktop, in app, everywhere! That way I know where each client is at for the start of the day and if there’s anything there to deal with or report to the client about. Today, one post for a large tourism client has gone viral over the last 24 hours, so I’ve emailed the client to let them know it’s doing so well, replied to all the comments and also forwarded onto the state and national tourism organisations to flag in case they’d like to share on their channels. This is a great way to promote our client’s region to a larger audience.

10:30am – Today is a scheduling day, as the end of last week was content creation where we draft and create 2 weeks’ worth for each client. All the posts have now been approved, so I’ll spend the next few hours scheduling these using Hootsuite and Sprout Social, so that we are ahead with all of our content.

12:30pm – Time for lunch, which means nipping to the local café, supermarket, or shopping centre to grab something quick to eat, and run any quick errands. Today no errands, so just some sushi for me!

1:00pm – Back to the office and settle back in. Now is when I’ll start to empty my inbox, action anything clients have asked for, or any random ad hoc tasks. Today is collating some new content from a client, reorganising some images, not too many tasks to tick off!

2:30pm – Amy has asked me to create an organic social media monitoring and engagement manual/best practice guide, so that if/when new people start at Wanderlust, they can have a read through and understand how we do things, the procedures we follow, sites we use, and general ways of doing things for social media monitoring. I’ll do this as a step by step guide.

3:30pm – Taking a break from the manual for now and helping Isabelle to create a hashtag spreadsheet for her clients. I have one for myself, which is split up into tables for each client, with all the relevant and important hashtags needed for Instagram. This makes life SO much easier when scheduling content, as you don’t have to think of them on the spot each time.

4:30pm – Finishing a task close to 5pm means I can spend some time inviting to like on Facebook, or trawling hashtags and geolocations for some outstanding user generated content for our clients. For our destination marketing client, 90% of our posts are UGC, which includes a great deal of searching to find some gems!

5:00pm – Pack up and leave the office and make my way home. Usually, if we need stuff for dinner I’ll stop past the shops on my way, but tonight I’m heading out for a friend’s birthday dinner and a drink at General Public in Scarborough.

5:45pm – Arrive home just as Josh is leaving out the door for work. He is on night shift this week, meaning our schedules are backwards. This doesn’t happen very often, and usually, he’s home from 2:30pm each day.

6:10pm – Leave home and head to Scarborough to meet friends for dinner. A Monday night dinner sure does throw the week out – as we RARELY eat out on a Monday, usually try save this as an end of week treat!

8:45pm – Get home from dinner and I have the house to myself. This works perfectly tonight as all I want to do is lay on the couch with a glass of wine! What’s even better is I have 2 new episodes of Real Housewives to watch. My love for trashy telly really shows when Josh isn’t home, as he’ll never sit and watch it with me, so now’s my time!! Real Housewives has become a TV addiction as of late…don’t even ask me why because I can’t tell you. It’s so bad but so good!

11pm – A quick shower then off to bed. For someone who loves sleep as much as I do, I don’t know why I continue to go to bed so late! Maybe another thing I can try to implement into my routine? Hmmm…

When I’m not heading out for a friend’s birthday dinner, my normal night consists of us cooking an early dinner and lazing around on the couch. If there’s anything to do around the house, I’ll usually get this done as I get home from work so we can relax for the rest of the night, as Josh is off to bed at 9pm for work. I’m trying to get back into Pilates, so this is slowly becoming part of my week again too!

One thing I love about my job is the flexibility. I work from the office on Monday, Tuesday, and Friday most weeks and from home on Wednesdays and Fridays. Some weeks this schedule will change around, but it’s usually pretty standard. So, on my home days, my schedule is a little different to the above, but not far off it (with a slightly longer sleep in!)

Great Temptations appoints Wanderlust Communications

West Australian bakery, Great Temptations, has appointed Wanderlust Communications to manage its digital marketing. The company hand-bakes delicious sweet treats from fresh, real ingredients and supplies hundreds of independent stores across Australia.

Amy Gough, managing director of Wanderlust Communication, said she was delighted to be working with Great Temptations.

“Great Temptations are a fantastic, family-run business making a really delicious range of products. As lovers of WA business and cake… this is the start of a fantastic partnership! We will be working with Great Temptations to define their target consumer and create a digital marketing strategy to deliver real results. Activity will include monitoring and engagement across social media, new content creation and social media activations. We can’t wait to get started.”

“With the majority of our client base being tourism related, we’re really excited about diversifying into the fast moving consumer goods arena. We can’t wait to get started.”

You can find your local Great Temptations stockist here.

Mufnut 6 pk.jpg

Wanderlust Communications to work with Economic Transitions on Kalgoorlie Boulder Tourism plan

Wanderlust Communications has been appointed as a contractor, working together with Economic Transitions to create a tourism plan for Kalgoorlie Boulder, as part of the Regional Growth Plan Project through Landcorp.

Wanderlust Communications has been appointed to assist with the marketing strategy element of the plan, and to undertake workshops in Kalgoorlie Boulder.

Kalgoorlie Boulder has been recognised by the State Government as one of a network of regional centres of the highest strategic importance for the future sustained growth and prosperity of Western Australia (WA). Kalgoorlie-Boulder is one of nine regional centres that will be developing Growth Plans that aim to:

  1. Strengthen the capabilities of WA’s strategic regional centres to drive long run investment, business and employment growth.
  2. Accommodate regional population growth that is generated by WA’s long run economic growth.
  3. Support the efficient and effective delivery of the WA Government’s regional development effort and investment.

The Growing Kalgoorlie-Boulder project is looking at various areas of potential growth for the City, and Economic Transitions will be managing the tourism section. Along with Wanderlust Communications, the project team also includes Flametree Creative. Together the team will conduct in-depth research, stakeholder engagement and community forums before presenting a tourism strategy for the City.

Economic Transitions Principal, Kim Hewson, said: “I am thrilled to have been awarded this tender. I lived in Kalgoorlie-Boulder for many years and am still working with lots of organisations in the Goldfields region, so this project is very close to my heart.”

“We have begun our stakeholder engagement and it’s been wonderful to hear what the residents of Kalgoorlie Boulder think about tourism in their City, and the marketing and branding of the tourism product. We’re looking at strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to tourism in Kalgoorlie-Boulder, plus the services, product selection, marketing and branding of the City. This research will be cross referenced with existing strategies and the regional Blueprint to create a specific growth plan for tourism in Kalgoorlie Boulder.

“I’m excited to see the results and to see some of the wonderful ideas be put into practice. I believe there is a huge opportunity to grow tourism in Kalgoorlie-Boulder, encouraging more visitors to explore our region and to stay longer. The economic benefits would be significant and would help many local businesses.”

To find out more, Like the Growing Kalgoorlie Boulder Facebook page.

Pictured below, Kim Hewson from Economic Transitions, John Douglass from Flametree Creative and Amy Johnston from Wanderlust Communications at the tourism and branding workshops in Kalgoorlie Boulder.