Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last few years, you’ll know that video is where it’s at for social media marketing.

Not only is video the most engaging medium, but it’s also how people love to digest information on their mobiles. People already spend more time on mobile devices than they do watching TV and Facebook predicts that this year, 79% of the world’s mobile data traffic will be video.

You may have experience in creating video for TV but creating content for social is a different beast. You’re basically creating content specifically for mobile use – so the length, style and creative of the video is very different to that of a TVC.

person looking at you tube on moble

Here are our top 7 tips to optimise your video for mobile.

  1. Engage your audience quickly. Use the first three seconds of your video to entice your viewers with the most compelling, thumb-stopping visual.


  1. Don’t wait to show your product – get your brand or product in front of the view immediately so the viewer knows what to expect.


  1. Keep content short, snappy and visually exciting.


  1. A large percentage of people watch video without sound, so make sure you communicate your story visually so it’s effective with or without sound.


  1. If you do have a script, or a more complicated message, add captions or subtitles.


  1. To the dismay of videographers everywhere, video should be shot vertically for social. This aspect takes up the most real estate in people’s feeds and looks the most impressive.


  1. If you don’t have budget for video, try to create your own animated content using effects, graphics, panning, zooming and slideshows to add an element of movement.

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7 social media video marketing tips for the camera-shy

Next week we are out on location filming some new content for our client Australia’s Golden Outback. Throughout my career, I’ve written countless briefs, scripts and notes for on-camera interviews, and helped project manage the filming. Some people just come to life on camera; speaking easily and naturally and they just invite the viewer in. Others… not so much.

I myself am actually much more confident behind the camera. But in today’s digital world where video is a must-have for savvy digital marketers; how do you create engaging video content if you hate being on-screen?

We’ve compiled our top tips to create engaging and professional looking video content, even for the shyest people out there.


Capture things other than you.

Videos don’t always have to be of you. If you have a product that looks good on camera, or you’re selling an experience or destination – capture that on film and let it be the focus. If it’s talking on camera that bothers you most, don’t worry! Did you know 85% of Facebook video is watched without sound? If you need to explain something, use subtitles to get your point across

Think Vertically.

It used to be that all video content was created “movie style” in landscape mode. However, on Facebook and Instagram vertical footage is now the preferred style. This allows for more tight shots, focusing in on products or a focal point of interest. You can crop yourself out slightly and let the product do the talking.


You can now create animated videos cheaply and easily online. This style not only removes the need for you to be on camera, but it helps to break up other more traditional imagery and video and will stand out on people’s timelines and newsfeeds. Go Animate and Explee are great affordable options that we love.

Practice makes perfect.

If you really need to be on camera (and sometimes, you will) then practice, practice, practice! Now be warned, some people become more wooden with every take and can you hear that they’re reading a script. So try not to keep re-reading what you’re going to say. Rather keep practising being in front of a camera so you get more comfortable. Do a couple of takes without your notes, being spontaneous and see what feels right and sounds like “you”. The more time you spend in front of the camera, the more natural it will feel and you will come across. Remember the latest stats show short videos (between 15 and 30 seconds) work the best on social media. So even if you’re uncomfortable it really isn’t for long; fake it till you make it, baby!

Research for inspiration.

Sometimes a key to finding your own voice is identifying what YOU like in a video presenter. If you see something on Facebook that stops you scrolling, save it and come back to it later. What was it that you liked? The style, the content, the way the person spoke. Use this as inspiration and find people with a similar disposition and style to your own. This is a great way to build confidence and take away the fear of starting with a blank page.

Turn images into video.

There are now heaps of tools you can use, even straight from your mobile phone, to edit together images and short videos into great videos for social media. This is a great way to repurpose content and make it more engaging for your audience. You can even add stickers and emojis to make it more fun for channels like Instagram Stories. Great tools we love are Magisto, InShot and Ripl.

Dive in.

The biggest piece of advice is to just give it a go. Find a style that suits you and you feel comfortable with and just begin! Consumers these days buy into brands they love and they want to know the person behind that brand. Channels like Instagram and Facebook Stories are growing rapidly in popularity and offer the consumer a chance to see “behind the scenes” into your brand. These snippets into you and your brand are a great way to build confidence and connect with your audience in an informal way. There’s no need for polished performances, just an insight into you and your brand.


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